G. ecorecycling SA | Riciclaggio a Lugano - Ticino

G. Ecorecycling SA is certified ISO 9001:2015 for quality and ISO 14001:2015 for the environment and uses a concept for safety and health protection based on CFSL Directive 6508 and OHSAS 18000.

G. Ecorecycling SA obtained in 2011 the certification of the processing plant and the material produced, according to the standard SN 670 119-NA, which then authorizes its marketing in compliance with this important recognition. G. Ecorecycling SA supplies public and private entities with 0/45 concrete granules for flooring and 0/22 for the production of recycled concrete, both in compliance with the above mentioned standard.

G. Ecorecycling SA is certified as an authorized plant for receiving excavated and cleared material even if contaminated. "Recycling is a necessity, not a fashion. Doing it in an ecological way is a duty. Succeeding is our prerogative."